Tips to find the most suitable safes in Adelaide

Whether it is cash, jewelry, documents, data or any valuable things, everybody needs a premium quality safe. A safe is useful in many ways. It does not only protect your valuable products from theft, but even from any other calamities such as fire, water damage, and more others. The safe is one of the best ways to store your important things. The protection that a safe provides is really admirable. Many important documents are needed to keep in a good condition as they are difficult to replace, the safe is a very smart option. You can buy a premium quality safes in Adelaide, as there are a number of providers.

Obviously, there are many reputed safe providers. Still, everybody has his or her own different requirements. When it comes to safe, there are multiple options. Safe for home, business, floor safe, wall safe and more. So, first of all, identify your needs, then buy the most suitable safe.


Here, some tips are mentioned, which will help you to take the right decision.

Tips to follow

  • Fireproof safes are not burglary proof- Well, fireproof safes are quite useful, especially in a case of paper documents of a small amount of cash, and these safes protect them from heat and smoke damage. Though, if you think, it will protect your valuable things from a burglar, then it’s your misunderstanding. Fire resistant safes have quiet thin metal and it is child’s play for a burglar to vanquish them. The material basically applied to hold the fire retardant material can be simply punctured, chipped or sawed with the help of ordinary hand tools. Further, some of the fire resistant safes available on the market nowadays, can be opened easily by dropping them on a hard surface. That is why, before buying a safe, identify your need. If you need to store precious jewelry or a large amount of cash, then this is not preferable.
  • Consider the size- Generally, big safes are preferable by people as it protects a lot of things like jewelry, documents, cash and more. While buying a safe, consider the value of the content you will need to put in a safe in future years.
  • Is hidden safe good? - Honestly speaking, not. Hidden or wall safes are generally not used for storing precious jewelry and cash for a long term. The reason behind this is most burglars going to look for a hidden safe or wall safe and if they found valuable things, they will simply drill the safe. So, use these safes only for a short period of time.
  • Cost- buying a cheap safe, becomes costly for your valuable items. Hence, don’t compromise with quality while buying a safe. Ensure that the safe you are buying is the best for the items you are storing in the safe.

Finding the right safe is usually a difficult task, but once you visit the Marion locksmiths, you will be relaxed. As we have a wide range of safes available for your any kind of need. Having 27+ years of business in this field, we have achieved a great reputation in this field. We provide safes for any kinds of requirements from business to domestic. Most ranges of safes have factory drilled holes for easy installation. For further information about our products, contact at


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